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What are Eyelash Extensions

Staying on top of the latest trends in the worlds of fashion, glamor and beauty is not easy for anyone. It seems that what is inspirational and hot one day is quickly replaced by something else when it comes to these particular trends. One that has managed to catch on and stay current over the last several years particularly pertains to the eyelashes that you see among actresses, models and those in the public eye. You have likely seen on the red carpet on television, in the movies, in magazines or on the Internet that many women today have long, lush and full eyelashes for every event, making them quite the envy of everyone else. This trend goes back to the use of eyelash extensions. Learning about just what are eyelash extensions and what they can do for you can help you to find that killer look you have been dying for.

In the past, false eyelashes were all the rage among women and what was typically used when someone wanted to have longer and thicker lashes. You would put on the false eyelashes to get the look you wanted, and while this may have worked for some people, the look was not always perfect and the methods of use were not great, causing more incidents where lashes did not stay on properly than anything else. Today, with the use of eyelash extensions, it is much different. The quality of lashes is much better than it has ever been before, allowing you to get the perfect look every time.

The eyelash extensions found today need to be applied by a professionally trained cosmetologist or beauty technician to make sure they are on correctly and look right. The technique involves the use of a particular adhesive to make the lashes stay on and the lashes typically last about a month or so and will just fall off naturally just as your regular eyelashes do. You can find a variety of different styles, looks and types of eyelash extensions so that you can get whatever type of lash look you are going for and many are made out of different types of hair, including mink, to provide you with a gorgeous look for your special event and beyond.

Now that you know what eyelash extensions are, you can find out more about the different types of eyelash extensions available and where to get them when you read the articles, information and reviews provided for you at Top Eyelash Serums. This website provides you with all of the details you need regarding the extensions available and how well they work so you can have an easier time deciding which options might be best for you. You can then get the extensions you want, have them expertly applied and have the amazing and beautiful eyelashes that you have seen all over and wanted for yourself.