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The image of women in romance novels portrays beautiful heroines with long, thick, luxurious lashes sweeping over their lovely eyes. They are the lashes most women want but thought they lacked the genes. Varying degrees of lash lengthening and volumizing mascaras were tried. Maybe false lash extensions but women admit they just want to have their own lashes, only better.

Revitalash Eyelash Growth Conditioner has an interesting and romantic story behind it. Its formula was developed three years ago by Doctor Michael Brinkenhoff for his wife, Gayle, who had experienced hair, eyelash and eyebrow loss due to chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. This was a true labor of love. Relatives and friends were amazed by the dramatic results. This conditioner improves the texture and volume of lashes while conditioning and nourishing the follicles to encourage new lash growth. It strengthens and protects existing and new lashes from breakage.

When lashes prematurely break, they do not get to complete the growth cycle. Dramatic results are promised in four weeks. Some experienced dryness, a slight burning and irritation but the majority reported positive results with this product.

Revitalash reviews indicate some concern. More clinical research is needed to substantiate its claims. There were no ingredients listed for the conditioner which makes it difficult to check for allergies. Most people feel uncomfortable using a product with no ingredients listed, especially those who prefer 100% natural ingredients. There needs to be more information and testimonials. Before and after photos would be helpful.

The product is expensive but lasts several months. Before investing in a product, most consumers would appreciate having more information at their disposal. A portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to breast cancer research and education.