Overall Success Rate 88.4%
Lash Growth Speed
Potential to Promote Lash Growth
Potential to Improve Lash Texture
Skin Comfort
Easy Application
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Quality of Ingredients
Price Per Bottle N/A

Latisse for longer thicker lashes is the most well-known eyelash growth serum. Famous actresses have appeared in its advertisements and others have admitted to its use. It was discovered by doctors and glaucoma patients who noticed that their medication thickened, lengthened and darkened the lashes of those patients. It extends the growth phase of lashes and increases the number of hairs. You are cautioned to apply it carefully or you may grow hair in unintended areas.

You must first clean your face and remove all eye makeup. Latisse is applied in eye drop form on the upper eyelashes each night with supplied sterile disposable applicators. It spreads automatically to the lower lashes when you blink. You should never apply it into the eye or on the lower lid. Always dispose of applicators after one use or you risk serious eye infection or allergic reaction.

Customers are warned that there may be a permanent darkening of the iris. Other side effects include: darkening of the lid, irritation and dryness. Clinical results were rather impressive. Subjects showed a 25% increase in length, a 106% increase in fullness and thickness, and an 18% increase in eyelash darkness in 16 weeks of use.

You should begin to see results after 2 months of nightly use. After 3 or 4 months your doctor may change usage to every 2 days. When you stop using this product, your lashes will gradually return to their previous state. This represents a serious commitment if you want to keep the appearance of long, thick eyelashes.

If you intend to buy Latisse, it is suggested that you read the eyelash growth serum reviews from the clinicians and customers for this product. Latisse is not a cosmetic so you will need a doctor’s prescription. This product is safe for most people but not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Consult your doctor if you have conditions, such as glaucoma, uvetis, conjunctivitis, macular edema, skin infections, severe allergies or intraocular pressure or are taking certain medications. Stop using it if you experience anything unusual, such as blurring.

Latisse Reviewed by Rating: 88.4%