Can You Get Permanent Eyelashes?

Permanent Eyelashes

There are so many different beauty options available to women today that you can sculpt and change just about any part of your body if that is what you really want. One area that many women place a focus on is their eyes, with women all over not just wanting different eye color or an enhanced look but they want changes to their eyelashes as well. For some there may be genuine concern because of the loss of eyelashes while for others it may be strictly to enhance what they have to get a fuller and more lush look. Whatever your reasons may be, it is important to know the options available to you, including the notion of getting permanent eyelashes or semi-permanent eyelashes as an answer.

In the past women were limited in their options for eyelashes to the false eyelashes that were commonly sold. With all of the changes and breakthroughs that have occurred in the medical field and in technology, it is no surprise that permanent eyelashes are now a real possibility for people. While the process is far from simple, you can get permanent eyelashes if you are willing to undergo a surgical procedure in order to achieve them. This is the only way to get permanent eyelashes done. There is a procedure where a graft can be taken from your scalp and the hair from there used to replace your eyelashes. This is done one eyelash at a time and is a lengthy procedure and can be quite a costly one that is not usually covered by insurance.

Since many people cannot afford to get permanent eyelashes done in this way they may turn to the alternative of having semi-permanent lashes instead. This procedure, while still delicate, is a much simpler one and does not require any surgical methods. This can be performed by a trained professional at a spa, clinic or salon and it involves the attachment of eyelashes to your already existing lashes so that your overall look can be enhanced. Unlike permanent lashes that will continue to grow, these lashes will fall out over time as your actual lashes grow out and fall out, taking the attachment lashes with them. While this procedure costs less, it can be expensive and would need to be done about every 6 weeks if you want to maintain the look all of the time.

While getting permanent eyelashes or semi-permanent lashes are both options, there are other affordable options available to you that can help you enhance your eyelashes and get the thicker and fuller look you really want. You can find out more about natural eyelash enhancers and extensions when you go to Top Eyelash Serums, a comprehensive website that provides information, articles and reviews of the top products available today so you can see what types of choices are out there for you. You can then decide on the best affordable option for yourself so you can work towards getting the beautiful eyelashes you want looking back at you in the mirror.