Getting Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

For many women today there is a great deal of disappointment that is attached to the way they feel about their eyelashes. While many may not give this much thought, there are millions of women around the world that wish they could have longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes instead of battling with short, brittle lashes that fall out all too often. There are a number of solutions available to you to help you with this issue, include the possibility of getting permanent eyelash extensions so that you can have the look of fuller lashes you desire all of the time.

In the past, permanent lash extensions were not even a possibility. There were false eyelashes available and eyelash extensions that can help extend the length of your natural lashes and provide you with a fuller look. As technology and science have advanced over the years and the possibilities have grown, the creation of a permanent solution has now developed and is available. However, the only way to truly achieve any type of permanent enhancement to your eyelashes is for you to undergo a surgical procedure to make it all possible. A surgeon that has experience in this type of transplant work and surgery is able to take a graft from your scalp, cultivate the hair from that area and attach the hair as eyelashes, one at a time, to give you a permanent solution that will not only look great but will grow over time to keep you with the great lashes you now have.

There are some drawbacks to this type of procedure. First, the procedure is very delicate and lengthy and can only be done by surgeons that specialize in this type of work. Therefore, the surgery for this is normally very expensive. Second, because this is elective surgery for no real health need or risk, it is not covered by most health insurance, meaning you will have to pay out of your own pocket to have it done. Lastly, any time you have any type of surgical procedure performed there is always the risk of complications. This surgery is no different, with the possibilities of infection developing in and around the eye as a result of the surgical process, which can end up costing you days in the hospital for additional treatment.

While permanent eyelash extensions are certainly a viable option for some people today, it is not the only answer available to you if you are looking for enhancement to your eyelashes. There are a wide number of products, tools and supplies available today for sale that can help to provide you with more beautiful and fuller lashes at less of a price than the permanent option. You can learn more about some of the options available to you and read reviews regarding them so you can get quality input towards you decision at Top Eyelash Serums. This website provides you with reviews and details that give you the best options available to help you enhance the look of your lashes.