How to Grow Longer Eye Lashes Naturally

Growing Eyelashes

Not everyone has been blessed with the natural beauty in their eyelashes as you may have seen in friends that you know or even in people on television, in the movies, on the Internet or in magazines. Unfortunately what tends to happen as people get older is that their eyelashes, for a variety of possible reasons, may get shorter, do not grow as quickly or are brittle and tend to break. This can leave you with an undesirable look and feeling unsure of yourself about what you can do to rectify the problem. There are solutions available to you that can help you get longer and thicker lashes again and you can learn how to grow longer eye lashes naturally without having to use chemicals or products that could be harmful to you.

The natural thickness and length of your eyelashes may be something that you have little control over from the start. The actual look and feel of your lashes is a hereditary trait passed down from others in your family. It is also important that you be aware of other outside factors that can have an influence on the look and length of your lashes. If you develop certain medical conditions, take particular medications or even do not eat a balanced and healthy diet all of these factors can have an adverse effect on the look of your eyelashes. When you combine all of that with the fact that as people age their eyelashes tend to get thinner and shorter and are more prone to breakage it may seem next to impossible for you to succeed at achieving the beautiful lashes that you see in so many others around you.

There are options available in medications and serums that you can get from your doctor, but there are risks associated with these products. The medications make use of chemicals and synthetics that can have harmful side effects to your eyes and the areas around your eyes so you need to be aware of any potential interactions with other medicines that you take or if you could be prone to having an allergic or adverse reaction to the medications. Many women seek, as an alternative, to use fake eyelashes and eyelash extenders as a way of getting the look and length they want. While this can provide you with a temporary fix, it only lasts as long as the glue lasts to hold the lashes on and very often when they are removed they take some of your natural lashes with it, leaving you with even less than you started out with.

All of this adds up to why you are much better off seeking a natural way to grow your eyelashes. There are natural methods that you can undertake to help your eyelashes grow longer in a more natural way. One of the best tips on growing eyelashes naturally is to make sure that you are maintaining a proper healthy diet so that you can be sure to get the type of growth that you really want. This means doing your best to avoid foods that are heavy in saturated fats that can impede hair growth and clog hair follicles, inhibiting the proper growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows. You want to make sure that you are getting enough proteins in your diet as well. Proteins contain necessary amino acids that help to produce keratin, which is responsible for and needed for healthy hair growth in your body. Just as important is to make sure that you are staying hydrated well by drinking enough water each day.

To help your lashes naturally, you also want to take greater care in the makeup you use around your eyes and lashes. Be sure that you always completely and carefully clean your eyes and face so that the area is free of make up each night before you go to bed. Leaving eye makeup such as mascara on your lashes can clog the pores and prevent proper hair growth and lead to your lashes falling out more frequently. You also want to make sure that you use a clean mascara brush and one that is not too old to avoid any potential infections in and around your eyes that can cause problems not just to eyes but to your lashes as well.

As an ideal solution to help in growing your eye lashes you may want to seek out some of the natural enhancement products that are available in the marketplace today. Many of the enhancement products you find today make use of important vitamins and supplements that your lashes may need to help make them healthier so that they can grow properly. Many of the serums you can find require a simple application a few times a day and can help to moisturize your lashes so that they stay healthy and are more likely to grow longer, thicker and fuller, giving you just the type of lashes you have been looking for without the fear of any possible side effects as a result of harsh chemicals that could be in a product. Very often, after just a few weeks of using a natural enhancer, you can notice a significant difference in the look of your eyelashes.

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