Learning about Eyelash Extension Glue

Eyelash Glue

While the notion of doing something to enhance the eyelashes has been in use for thousands of years, it is only recently in the last few years that technology has worked to create the fantastic eyelash extensions that you see available today. Gone are the simple false eyelashes that you may have seen for a long time as the technology has improved to the point to make use of your natural lashes combined with the naturally made and natural looking extensions to give you that lush look that you really want. If you are interested in eyelash extensions, it is important that you understand just how they are applied so you know about eyelash extension glue and the care it takes.

The process of getting eyelash extensions is a very detailed one and one that takes a very delicate touch and a great deal of experience to perform correctly. You are best off using the services of an experienced and trained technician working at a salon or spa that has used extensions often so you can be sure to get the best job done possible. While placing the lashes onto your existing eyelashes is very delicate work it also requires the use of a strong adhesive to hold the extensions in place. A bit of eyelash glue is placed on each piece that is attached to your existing eyelashes so that the extension and lashes can bond together strongly and keep everything in place.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind regarding the eyelash glue. First, when you initially have the extensions put on, it is important that you try not to get the area wet for twenty-four hours. This will allow the glue to dry properly so that the extension can be properly bonded into position. You may also want to avoid using any type of eye makeup for the first day so that you can be sure that the glue has dried properly and safely. After the initial twenty-four hours you are free to go about your business just as you have in the past without fear of lashes falling off during showering, bathing, swimming or any other activity. You will find that the glue holds very well and the lashes will stay on for about a month or longer before they fall off naturally just as your eyelashes would over time.

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